Thursday, January 8, 2009

Decor for Your Blog

I had someone visit my blog (Tam at Apple Creek Cottage -love the name and her blog.). She left a sweet comment sharing her love of paisley and said she was wanting a paisley background like I have on my blog.

Well, anyone can do it. I took a pretty piece of my scrapbook paper, placed it on my scanner and scanned it. I then saved the image to my computer and I opened it up in Paint Shop Pro 7 (which I prefer to use to draw graphics, edit photos, etc.) I viewed it in psp at normal and since I scanned it in and it increased the size, I could choose to resize it smaller. I got it just how I wanted it to look in psp and saved it. Then I edited the html in my Blogger layout where the background image goes. I will also say I googled some great sites that help with adding your own backgrounds and things. There are soooo many helpful sites to help us decorate our blogs.

So, if you have a beautiful fabric or a pretty scrapbook paper print, scan it in and give it a try! If you don't, next time you are at a craft store, go to the scrapbook section and look through the scrapbook paper. There are some gorgeous prints and I am sure you will find a great one to use to decorate your blog.

Want to make everything coordinate? If you happen to know a little about working in your html and if you happen to have psp you can use the dropper tool to click on colors in the background image you scanned in. Take a look at the html color code for the color you have chosen and then use that color for your blogger colors. The easiest way is to have your blogger edit open and psp at the same time. Copy (highlight the html code, press cntrl + c) and then paste in the html color choice on your blogger (cntrl + v).

If that all sounds intimidating, go to google and search for some sites that explain step by step how to do it.

Be Inspired! -Karol :0)


tam said...

Karol-you awesome girl-thank you that was very sweet of you to help me with that! Now I won't have to wait for my husband-who does have a degree in web design but never has the time to help! Yay!
Now I will just have to find my perfect paisley print-Good times!
Hope you are having a good day!

sadie said...

I love visiting you, there is always something interesting to look at and now even html help for Blogger! :O)

love your linens, and I agree, they should be brought out and displayed any way possible.
Filling jars with 'things' is something I love to do. Coffee beans, felt rose brooches, cookie cutters or just ribbon and cotton. I love how it looks and how you can see things straightaway. And of course, easy to change if you want to. :O)

Hope you have a lovely weekend. Lots of love to you xxxx

Corgidogmama~ said...

Karol, greetings from the snowy North. Wanted to share that I'm having a giveaway, an anti-blah kit, and hope that you'll sign up...and spread the word!
My Florida family tells me it's chilly in Largo, but, not as chilly as it is here!

Liz said...

Oooh good tips! I didnt know this!

AliceAnderson said...

Great idea! I created my diamond background by hand, fairly simple. But I do have some scrapbook paper I adore, so maybe I'll change throughout the seasons.

As it is, I just got everything coordinating for my new design (except the header, I just can't seem to get rid of that gorgeous photo.)

Sissy said...

I am quite impressed with the fact that you did that yourself! I do love paisley!

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