Monday, January 12, 2009

New Home Book

My favorite designer in the universe is Candace Olson. I. Love. Her. I love her style, I love the way she can tranform any room into perfection. Pure class. I love her personality, I love her clothes, I love how tall she is, I love how beautiful she is.

My next favorite designer is Laurie Smith. She is just as classy, just as talented, just as fun to watch, just as beautiful, although I'm not sure how tall she is. Anyway, I was at Wal Mart today (I really dread going to Wal Mart). The nearest Wal Mart to me is in Destin, FL. Now if I was going to Wal Mart for a swim suit or a boogie board or some sunscreen, then the Destin, FL, Wal Mart would be a one stop shop for me. But when I am going to Wal Mart for toothpaste, shaver refills, peanut butter, laundry detergent, etc. then the Destin, FL, Wal Mart is not the quickest place to shop.

Don't let me scare you, if you are ever in Destin, FL, for vacation, the Wal Mart there is fine. It is just that January is not "tourist season" so cashiers are sparse. It takes forever just to check out.

So anyway, back to Laurie Smith. I was standing in line for 20 minutes waiting to check out. My line was near the magazines and books. I noticed a bargain book table out in the middle of the store right next to where I was standing. I saw Laurie's photo on the front and decided to grab my purse, leave my cart (hey, the line wasn't going anywhere) and walk over and check out the "bargain" book table. What a great "bargain" I got. Wow. $4.00 for "Discovering HOME with Laurie Smith ...Find Your Personal Style". Not sure if any other Wal Mart stores have these bargains, but if not, I found it on Amazon HERE.

I love a good design book with beautiful photographs and great tips. I am SO glad I was shopping at the Destin, FL Wal Mart this afternoon.

Be Inspired! -Karol :0)


Kasey Hunt said...

I got my "K" today. Thank yo so much. The ribbon was a great touch to the wrapping. Thanks!!!!

Vintagesquirrel said...

Hi Karol! I love the Bargain book department. What a score. I love Laurie and Candace, too,

Please stop by my blog to enter to win the Cath Kidston Dream Home Journal.

Miss Jen said...

Oh, I love Candace Olson too!
It's always fun to watch her show. ;)
I just found your blog and was inspired by all of your ideas and crafts!! Keep up the good work.

Many Blessings,
Miss Jen

tam said...

Oh I adore Candice as well-I love to watch her show! And she is very tall like me-Yay tall girl's! There just isn't enough tall girls on TV-because if they have a co host-the men are always SHORT! Okay enough of that anyhow..I also enjoy Laurie too. I didn't know she had a book come out-thank you for sharing that,I will have to check it out. Have a terrific Tuesday! Tam :D

Stacey said...

Oh, I love a new decorating book! I found one at Tuesday Morning that I'm just loving. It's from Victoria but it's not too foofy for me. It seems like a lot of the magazines are going away - we need our books.

Deck The Halls-A Happy New Year said...

Thank you! I love Candace Olson also! I think she is the best designer on HGTV! I love to watch her! I love her personality, she is very classy! She turns room into Beautiful masterpieces! Congratulations on your new book, it looks great!

^..^ Corgidogmama ^..^ said...

Mornin' Karol~we have 4 inches of fluffy new snow and it's a crisp 22 out there.

These two gals are my absolute favorite designers as well!!

Amy said...

The Laurie book is an awesome find! Enjoy it!

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