Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Organize and Display

This is my utensil drawer. What's the first thing you notice besides the utter chaos? ..and the fact that it is too small. Well, I notice the cookie cutters. Mostly because when I just need a rubber spatula or shish kabob skewers, they are all tangled up with some cookie cutters I have in there.

I have over 100 cookie cutters. I have round ones, square ones, scalloped edge ones. I have a dog bone, a fish shape, two complete alphabet sets, acorns, leaves, fire trucks.... You get the idea.

The majority of them are plastic, but some are metal. I decided this morning to get all my metal cookie cutters out of my utensil drawer and out of the Rubbermaid bin where they were mixed in with the plastic ones and put them in a jar. They make a cute display in a glass jar. I'll keep all the plastic ones stored in the Rubbermaid container in the pantry. If you like more colorful displays, the plastic ones would look cute in a jar, too.

The jar I used is an old cracker jar. I bought it at an antique store years ago. But did you know Wal Mart sells these same cracker jars? They have silver lids instead of painted, but they look just as great. Wal Mart carries a nice variety of glass jars with lids that you can buy to store/display things like this. So does Target, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, etc.

Hope this inspires you to find a use for an old jar (or new) and a way to organize/display things in the kitchen.

Be Inspired! -Karol :0)


Kasey Hunt said...

I keep my cookie cutters if they are seasonal with the seasonal decorations. That helps me to be a bit organized. The glass jar is a cute idea.

Corgidogmama~ said...

Your drawer is a twin to mine!
Love the idea of the glass jars, they make a homey display, and, are great storage. I'm headin' to Wally world!

Deck The Halls-A Happy New Year said...

I have seen these jars at Walmart, I love them! They work great for sewing and crafing supplies also!

Julie said...

That looks just like my utensil drawer! Great idea. Thank you and have a lovely day...

Anonymous said...

Hi Karol
I too keep copper cookie cutters in a jar similar to yours. I have three larger basket type containers in my drawer to corral all the utensils. One for stove top spoons, ladles etc., one for can openers and smaller type utensils and another for the sieves pastry cutter etc. Works great for me. Have a great day

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