Monday, February 25, 2008

A Farewell Party

Last summer just before we moved I had a "Farewell Party" for my daugther. It was one last chance after school had let out to see her friends before we took off for the Gulf Coast.

I decorated as a I would for a birthday party. We had cupcakes and drinks. The kids played in Ashton's playhouse and on the fort one last time and we watched a movie and had popcorn, too.

Thanks to my Cricut machine and my endless supply of scrapbook papers, I was able to make the invitations, and all the decorations to match.

Not sure anyone is moving, but if you are and you have some time to plan. Have a Farewell Party for your kids. Or if you don't have kids, have one for yourself. Invite your friends.

Here's one last thing to share. In the goody bags I added these little boxes with my daugther's picture inside. The message says "Good bye, I'll miss you. Don't forget to write!", along with a few pre-addressed envelopes addressed to my daughter so her friends could write her. I tied each stack with a pretty ribbon.

Be Inspired! -Karol :0)


Kim said...


I just came across your blog - very fun & great decorating!! I'm excited to read and see more about your decorating.

Kelly said...

What an adorable party! I think I need one of those cricut machines- I just saw them advertised the other day, hm....

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