Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pincushions with Pizzazz

Want to make a pincushion you can leave out? It really is handy to have one out with a few straight pins and maybe even one or two threaded needles in white and maybe beige for those unexpected loose buttons.

The pincushion idea I want to share is pretty enough to leave out. The photo to left is one I made for moi, by moi.

The pattern I actually got from Quilts & More magazine and it is from over a year ago. As I "googled" the pincushion and magazine I was given a link to the exact designer of this fabulous pincushion! Her name is Heather Bailey, she has an awesome blog. Click here for a link to her blog and her entry about her debut in the magazine featuring her adorable pincushions: http://heatherbailey.typepad.com/heather_bailey/2007/05/playing_with_pi.html

I also want to say that her pincushions are awesome because she is using fabrics from her line she designed. They look amazing. When I made mine I just went to a local craft/fabric store, but I really wish I had went to a nice quilt shop, such as Olde Green Cupboard and purchased some nice fabric such as Heather Bailey's line.

What is fun about these pincushions is you can mix and match fabrics, ribbons and buttons to make all kinds of styles. ***I also filled my pincushions with plastic pellets like the ones used in bean bags (you can find them at any craft store) to fill mine so they are weighted.***

Below is another one I made for my daughter's teacher last year. She is an avid quilter and loved it!

Be Inspired! -Karol


The Nester said...

how adorable! You did a beautiful job!

I'm now going to visit this talented Heather!

Lynn said...

These are really cute! My (sewing) mama would have liked one of these!

I see the training miles continue to climb! Good job! The pictures of you training on the treadmill are really cool - you are looking GREAT! Man - why did I have to move away? Maybe you could have gotten me back on track - I've really been slacking in healthy eating AND in getting enough activity. SIGH.

I got your recent email and want to call you - maybe in the morning sometime? Wanna talk.

Love you and miss you -

Jeannie said...

Those are adorable, I am so glad to have stumbled upon your blog via the graphics page....Thank you for sharing

glenda said...

Is the pattern available on line. Sorry, if I missed it. I think these are great! I want to make one.

Oh, and I used some of your free graphics. Thank you.

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