Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Send Me Your "Home Sweet Home" Room

Ok everyone. I am going to add a new Flick'r slideshow to my blog with YOUR cozy photos.

If you have a photo of a room in your home that is cozy and comfy and says "Home Sweet Home", send it to me. I'll add it to my Flick'r slideshow of "Home Sweet Home" rooms for everyone to see.

Just Email Me your picture along with the description, and what you would like shared about you. -Just your first name and last initial, what city, state, country you are from, etc. For instance, "My Living Room" by Karol H. Seagrove Beach, FL, USA. Or just "My Living Room" by Karol -FL, USA.

The picture above is saying "Home Sweet Home" to me because we went home over the weekend and I finally gave in and we moved some furniture pieces to our home here in Seagrove. I couldn't take living in an empty home anymore! I am feeling much better. Decorating, for me, is therapy. We will go back over Thanksgiving and get more things. The best part is I got some auction pieces from my storage room that I haven't even used yet. For instance, this little oak roll top desk (below). I've placed in a corner of our very odd-shaped living room here. It just needed something there to fill in the space and it's a great place for one of the kids to do homework.

Thank you for visiting my blog and don't forget to send me your photos.

Be Inspired! -Karol :0)

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