Thursday, November 8, 2007

Three Mountaineers Spice Racks

To the left is one of my absolute favorite things in my kitchen. I love to have an item that is decorative and useful at the same time. My 2- Three Mountaineers Spice Racks do just that.

This spice cabinet (left) was my mom's. She bought it at a garage sale and never hung it up in her kitchen to use it. She died at the young age of 46. After her passing our dad asked us four kids if there was anything special from their home we would like. I wanted the spice rack. I knew how much mom liked that and she was just too sick to ever worry about hanging it up to use it. She already had a small one by the stove she had been using for 20-some years so it wasn't a necessity. I knew I would use it, knew how much I'd be in the kitchen and that I would always think of Mom when I would see it.

After hanging this one up and using it, I was at an antique shop with a friend and found a smaller one (below) made by the same company, but a different year. I keep all my spices and seasonings in the larger cabinet and this smaller one is just for my cookie decorating sugars, sprinkles, food coloring pastes, etc.

The Three Mountaineers Spice Racks are great because they have 70's vintage art (informative art I might add) on the front, then on the inside of the door is a list of common spices and uses for them. -very handy.

I did a search on Google for "Three Mountaineers Spice Rack" and the only thing popping up is eBay listings. CLICK HERE to see the large one I have, they have quite a few pictures -not very good quality pictures, but a great cabinet nonetheless. This particular listing is up to $51.00. Wow!

Be Inspired! -Karol :0)


Cathy said...

Hi Karol,

Lovely idea to put your mom's spice cabinet in your kitchen and to think of your mom every time you see it and it's very useful too.

Have a good day

Donna Reed said...

look at these it will help you out , copy and paste to your browser

Three Mountaineers was originally the Treasure Chest/Log Cabin owned by Hugh and Edwin Brown and merged with WH Lashley to make it the Three Mountaineers. They are also published in the book The Remarkable Potters of Seagrove. Beautiful pottery and very high end collectibles.

Enjoy and hope this helps you out. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I have the same large cabinet hanging in my home. It was given to my mother and father for a wedding gift. My mom later gave to me to put in my first home. I absolutely love it, and I love your story. Thanks for sharing.

murray said...

Karol, I also have one of these spice racks. My son and daughter-in-law have asked for one for Christmas. Do you have any idea where I could find one? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Luann

Karol said...

luann, Your best bet would be ebay. The larger one my mom bought on a garage sale many years ago and the smaller one I just happened upon at an antiques shop. I would have to bed ebay has some. Good luck!

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