Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Playhouse Remodel

A few weekends ago we had the privilege of touring some very nice playhouses in a little town just down the shore from us called Rosemary Beach, FL. The little structures were each planned by an architect and constructed by a builder and/or volunteers. They were on display for several weekends and then one was given away in a $5.00 per ticket raffle and the others were auctioned off this past Thanksgiving weekend. We were out of town so I have no idea how much they were auctioned for. I hope the auction did well, the proceeds went to charity. I'll be sharing more about that this week.
This all reminded me of our daughter's playhouse. It started out as a free building a work associate of my husband's gave us. It was in his woods and his children were getting too old to play in so he asked my husband if he wanted it for our daughter. We had to have it moved to our home by a wrecker. Below:

Next we had to ease it between our house and my beloved crepe myrtle, without scraping either one. That was not easy.

Here it is as it was being moved by sliding it on pvc pipes and pulled with a winch to a tree in our side yard...

As I look at the pictures I am reminded of our neighbors' horror as they saw this dilapidated building being unloaded to our yard. It does look pretty sad with it's lop-sided front and rotted siding. I saw the potential in it. I had it decorated before it was even nestled in its resting spot in our back yard.

My husband tore off the entire front...

Then rebuilt it and added two new windows and a door to the front (that was centered) as well as two more larger windows to each of the side walls (also centered).

This is what it looked liked on the outside, finished...

We painted it grey with white trim, to match our home. Including the friendly red door.

I'll close with a few pictures of the inside I took last Christmas. It is hard to take pictures of an interior that is 8' x 8'!

Be Inspired! -Karol :0)


Sue said...

I absolutely love it, it is just gorgeous, and perfect for little people, I hope your daughter loved it!
We had a similar experience with a cedar clad cabin / cabana.My hubby has 2 trucks with cranes, and we managed to bring it here and crane it off between a pool and a mulberry tree! But I forgot to take photos, well I was too busy!

Kim ~ "HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

Karol, the playhouse is absolutely wonderful...you have it so beautifully decorated!

Kasey Hunt said...

It turned out great. That is adorable.

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