Monday, October 22, 2007

I L-O-V-E Quilts!

I love quilts. I have lots of them decorating my home. Some are new, some are family heirlooms made for my husband by his grandmother, others are finds at estate sales and then some are winning bids at the auction.

Each bed in my home has a quilt in the layer of bedding, a quilt at the end of the bed and at least one or two more in the room. Living in Florida there's never a need for layers of quilts for keeping warm, although the temperatures do dip from time to time. I just love the cozy look and feel they give my home. There are quilts in my living room draped over the arm of the sofa, draped over the back of the rocking chair, and several dispersed here and there for color. Most are not just for decorating, they're to use.

Below you'll see, in my son's room, I have a patchwork quilt for the bed cover, then I have a mustard color throw quilt over the end of the bed and another small throw quilt at the end of the bed. There are touches of red
and yellow in his room and the throw quilts just accent those colors.

I love the older quilts I have because I can just imagine the love that went in to making them. The time spent with family or friends, or even possibly alone, sewing the pieces together, hand stitching the quilting stitches. I have one that dates back to the early 1900's. It's in the category of a "utility quilt" from what an appraiser told me at a quilt show. I took it so I could get an approximate age for it. It's got a few blemishes. The appraiser even showed me where some fabric from the 40's had been added to repair some damage. That just adds to the character.

Below is a narrow cabinet in the entryway of my home. I have small quilts and ones that are older (not for use) displayed here. You can add quilts just about anywhere to add a cozy look.

I just love visiting quilt shops, looking at quilting magazines and quilting sites. I found a great site today called
All People Quilt. Chock full of ideas, free patterns, projects, links to other sites, how-to, videos, and more. They have tons of articles on quilts and to top it off they even have travel ideas for quilt-friendly destinations!

Be sure to click on the picture at this post (or click on the linked text) and visit All People Quilt's website to tour the
Quilting In The Garden event held each September at Alden Lane Nursery in California. Beautiful slideshow.

Do you have some quilts in your linen closet? Get them out and decorate with them!

Be Inspired. -Karol :0)

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