Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ever been to an auction?

Have you ever been to an auction? There's nothing like it. It's fun, it's exhilarating, it's expensive sometimes! Especially if you really, really want something that someone else really, really wants, too. The picture to the left is of an awesome white cabinet I got at auction the last time I went (which was almost 6 months ago now). Since I've moved I don't get to go to the one I frequented. :0(

There's an awesome site I want to share that you can visit. http://www.auctionzip.com/ You type in your zip code, the mile radius you want to search for auctions, and it will pop up a calendar for that month of all the auctions in the area you designate to search. If you're lucky, the auction business will even list photos of what they will be auctioning off that week (or biweekly). That way you can see if there's any items you'd be interested in.

In my post from Monday about quilts, there's a lovely pie safe in the picture from my entryway. That is one of my auction finds! Below is a china cabinet I picked up for $100.00. I just love the honeycomb wood detail on the hutch doors. This is a keeper. Since the picture I have my small collection of truffle dishes and my mom's china displayed in the hutch.

If you haven't been to an auction, it's worth going. Go, get a number, and bid on something if you really like it. Who knows, maybe you'll win and get a great deal to boot! Below is one more picture of a gorgeous dresser I got at auction. This is in my master bedroom and fit in this spot just perfect...

One tip, if you've never been, is to go early if possible, and look at everything before you decide to bid. Be sure it's well made and it's what you want. At most auctions you can walk around during the auction and look at everything so even if you're running late you can still look around.

Send me an email or comment if you attend one. I'd love to hear about your experience! Want to have even more fun? Take your spouse or a friend. They'll love it, too.

Be Inspired... -Karol :0)


Kathy said...

Hi Karol, I have never been to one, but seeing your lovely finds, I am dying to go! I showed hubby, as he likes going antiquing with me, and he agrees. I am going to use your aution finder and see what pops up for my area! Hugs!!

Lynn said...

I am intrigued as well!! These are some very nice pieces you won! How about taking me to the next one?!?! Hehe!!

Darylynn said...

Hi Karol! I typed in my zip code (auction site) and the next auction was for some of Dick Clark's things. Only in LA! Don't think I'll be getting anything for $100.00! We do have the famous Rose Bowl Flea market the 2nd Sunday of every month. I think the east coast has better auctions and antiques. (((Hugz)))

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