Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall Wreath

Sorry for the terrible picture, but I wanted to share last year's wreath on my door with you. I am sharing last year's wreath on last year's door. I say that because I don't live in this home right now. It's for sale and we live somewhere else. I miss this home though. We still live there when we go to visit family (until it sells).

What I wanted to share is how easy it is to make up a nice fall wreath quickly. I bought a nice berry wreath to start off from Home Goods, I believe (which reminds me I need to share about THAT store with you!). You can get a nice full fall berry wreath just about anywhere. Then purchase a long garland of fall leaves. The one on my wreath contains fall leaves, acorns, and assorted berries. I just wrapped it around my berry wreath tucking it in the berries or twisting a wire branch of berries around wires of the leaf garland so they stay together. Then I plopped Mr. Scarecrow right on the bottom and wired him in place around his waist. You can't even see the wire. It is just so simple to do and I didn't need any special tools. The good part is, I can change it if I want or add to it. You can purchase these little scarecrows at the hobby stores, too. This one in the photo is one I made years ago.

I just went home this last weekend and hung up this same wreath. The only thing I think I would have added if I had had more time would have been some little black crows on wire or something. Just disperse a few black crows around the wreath. You can get them as plant picks at all the hobby stores right now for fall.

Then as it gets closer to Thanksgiving you can remove Mr. Scarecrow and any crows he didn't manage to scare away and add some gourds and pumpkins and fruit. Making a cornucopia wreath!

If you really like your wreath once that season is through, be sure it's clean and wrap it in a trash bag and hang it in your attic on a nail. Then each Fall it will be ready to hang. You can remove from it or add to it each year to keep it fresh and updated.

Be Inspired! Karol :0)


Kathy said...

Hi Karol, my first visit here to your lovely site! I was visiting Judy from My Grateful Heart, and I am so glad I came for a visit! Thanks for the wonderful idea on making a wreath for the front door! I am off to read more of your lovely site! Hugs!

Darylynn said...

Hi Karol! I can't believe I just found your blog! I must be slipping! Blame it on the fact that my daughter had a baby last Wednesday! Yes, I'm a grandmother but we still haven't figured out what to call me. ;) Love the idea of your blog. I think it'll be wonderful to stop by for your decorating tips. You know how much I love your graphics! :) Have a great week ahead! (((Hugz)))

Susan said...

Hi Karol. That is such a nice wreath. And your porch is real nice too. You are very pretty. I am glad you have a blog. Do you have a linkie I can use. Thanks Karol

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