Friday, October 26, 2007

500 Bungalows

Need a great Coffee Table Book? Do you like bungalow style homes? Then this is your book.

I was recently in the hospital for 3 days (viral spinal meningitis, terrible). During my stay my husband surprised me with this lovely book. My husband had actually seen the book in one of my Cottage Living magazines that he perused one day (which he normally doesn't do) and had remembered seeing this book and "filed away" the idea for a later gift. He went to the book store and picked up this book for me on his way to the hospital one of the days I was in. I didn't have to share all that to tell you about a great book, but it makes the book even more special to me because I was really, really sick and he was so worried about me. At the time my dr.'s weren't sure if I had the viral or bacterial meningitis. They did a spinal tap and started me on antibiotics and we had to wait several days for the results. Everyone that came in to see me had to wear masks. My kids could not even come up to see me for fear it was the bacterial kind and dangerously contagious. Thankfully, it was the viral kind. But, anyway, he went all the way to the book store, remembering how much I would like this book and got it for me. Of course, even feeling so badly, I was so happy to receive it. I still love to look through it.

I really love the craftsman bungalow style home. They just say "Home Sweet Home" from the front porch and all the way through.

The craftsman bungalow reminds me of the homes I grew up in and around as a child in Indiana and Illinois. There were tons of bungalows in town and farmhouses in the country, but they had the bungalow style.

This book, 500 Bungalows takes you t0 California, Washington, Tennessee, Minnesota, and Nebraska. Featuring the Prairie Style, Spanish Style, Craftsman, Craftsman Eclectic, and finally Bungalow Bazaar. Each page is a front front view of each bungalow and the city and state it is in.

Text and photographs by Douglas Keister, published by The Taunton Press. <--- (That link takes you right to the page for 500 Bungalows and 500 Cottages). Douglas Keister also offers 11 other books on Bungalows, as well as Cottages, Storybook-Style Homes (ooooh!), Spanish-Style Homes, and Cemeteries.

Here's the cover of 500 Cottages. Click on The Taunton Press link above to visit and purchase, if you wish.

This one's on my Christmas wish list!

They're also available at

Be Inspired! -Karol :0)


Judy said...

Karol...see, I told you the comments would start to come in! I so enjoyed this post. I am sorry that you were so ill - my Mom had meningitis in May, & she passed away 6 weeks ago (cancer). I know the pain you were in. How sweet that your husband got you the book that you admired. I really enjoy coming here. Have a blessed weekend! Hugs!

Karin said...

Hi dear Karol, I came to your beautiful Blog by fortune, great to see you blogging :) But I hope you got well again after being in the Hospital with a Meningitis,its serious and I hope you are carefully with yourself! And I also think your husband was very sweet gifting you this book since he knew what you like to read :)
I will come over here more often and hope to read you are better and better soon, you also can visit me at my new domain at, or as usual on my yahoo blog. Kurt is doing really well, just a bit tired but this is normal in this timeframe of his desease, its is just about 3 weeks ago he had his last highdose chemo and stem cell transplantation, but in general he´s doing good. We have an appointment in Heidelberg on upcoming Monday, and I am sure the doctors will be more then satisfied with Kurt :)
Lots of big big hugs and wellwishes for you my dearest friend !!! I am thinking of you,
Karin :)

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