Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fabric Love

I have been trying to decide what fabric to use on my pink wing back chairs for months. I go back and forth on something toile (LOVE toile), but that limits the color, something floral for a more cottage look, something plaid just because I love plaid. I would like to get a new sofa someday and I want the fabric for these chairs to be colorful so it is easier to match with something else.

Yesterday I was at the Old Pottery store. They have a remnant table. $4.99 per yard, but you have to buy whatever the yardage is. I found a large remnant that I loved. The colors are rich, but also in softer tones.

The patterns are kind of formal floral, but when you study it, you will see fun things going on.

It's almost a Dr. Seuss look with the stripes added in the veins of the leaves and in some flower petals. So fun!

I also adore the wooden branches that wind through the fabric.

This fabric has every color imaginable. This weekend I am going to Joann's and shop for a large plaid for the sides of the seat cusions and inside flaps of the skirts and fronts of the arms and another coordinating fabric for the piping.

I hope to start recovering (not slipcover) my chairs this weekend or beginning of next week. I will share a How-To soon.

Next will be my son's chair in his room.

Be Inspired! -Karol :0)


coco said...

Love the fabric you have picked...can't wait to see what type of plaid you find. I see that you are in Seagrove...I am wondering where the pottery store is...we visit that area often and I think I need to make a stop there! :)

Karol said...


First of all, I love your blog! I just visited. Old Pottery is in Destin. Take 98 West to Destin, just as you go past Target, the Old Pottery store is in the next shopping center on the same side of 98. It's fun to go in there and see what they have. If you saw my post on my bathroom redo, I bought the cute whale weathervane there.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Karol :0)

southerninspiration said...

Oh, Karol....what a find! I love those colors...and I am still pondering about my blog design issues, so I will let you know what I decide...m'kay?


Vintagesquirrel said...

This fabric is gorgeous! And, I'm fairly certain, you'll have no difficulty finding a coordinating one. Can't wait to see the final result.

Karli said...

I LOVE it! I am so inspired by you and your blog! These chairs are going to be simply beautiful!

marty39 said...

Oh, I LOVE this fabric. I so love to mix fabrics together. We have a discount designer fabric store here and it is my favorite place in the world to spend time. I could just mix and match all day. I can't wait to see the tutorial and the finished project. Hugs, Marty

Laryssa @ Heaven In The Home said...

It's lovely! I like how it's a little artsy. It will look great on your chairs. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

These colors, and the fabric overall, is so can I say that, not having met you? Why, because you give us so much from your pictures, and choices...this just seems to me, the perfect fabric!
I would so love to visit Destin one day. Your store finds are always terrific!

Mabry's gamma said...

I LOVE your idea to use several different patterns on your chairs, I never would have thought to do that. Hmm, now that gets me to thinking about a chair I have.

That fabric is beautiful and will give you so many options when you go couch hunting. Good luck

Lisa ~ A Cottage to Me said...

Great fabric! Can't wait to see the chairs when you're done!

Stacey said...

Your fabric is beautiful! I do see the cottagey elements in there too. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Your chairs will look great!

Lynn said...

The fabric is wonderful, and I love furniture upholstered in a mixture of patterns and textures.

I am really looking forward to your "how to," because I have my mother's wing backed chair. I so want to change the look. It is narrow with a high back, 46" from the top to the floor.


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