Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sad News for Magazine Lovers

If I could only choose one magazine out of all the magazine I love, Country Home would be the one. Every issue is inspiring from the front cover to the very last page. I was sad to read an article yesterday that had a list of magazines that are closing. I went to Country Home's website to read that they will no longer be publishing Country Home Magazine. I do believe they are going to keep their website so I will still be able to enjoy the inspiration from Country Home. I will miss flipping through the pages whenever I please though. I will miss seeing Country Home on the news stands.

I was just as sad to read in the same article that another magazine I really love, Cottage Living is no longer publishing. In fact, on their site it says the December/January issue was their last. Luckily they have a wonderful website with all their other magazines included and I will be able to visit there. Still, there's nothing like leafing through Cottage Living for inspiration. I love the travel section and the very inspiring cottages they feature.

And where have I been? SoBella Creations commented on this post and said she was sad to see Mary Engelbert's Home Companion was no longer in print. WHAT? How did I not know? I have noticed there hasn't been a new issue out and I keep seeing the Christmas issue everytime I look, but I guess I just wasn't paying attention. How sad. I loved this magazine and the very interesting artists she featured and interviewed in each issue. Well, I did read on ME's site that she holds rights to the magazine and may find a future publisher. Let's hope.

Domino is another magazine that will no longer be published. I didn't buy this one often, but it really is/was a great magazine. Lots of simple, stylish living ideas and inspiration. I am sure it will be missed by many.

In the same article there were a few other magazines named that I wasn't worried about personally and a "rumor" that Martha Stewart Living's Editor resigned. The article went on to say that he may have been let go and the magazine might end publishing. Just a "rumor" for now. I did not see anything on MSL site that says anything about the magazine. In fact, right now you can subscribe and get the free tote bag I received with my subscription last year.

With recent news of some major newspapers closing, I am sure I will be reading about more magazines doing just the same. I know it is the economy, but for some it is also the result of the internet and how easier and cheaper it is to publish to a website. And with laptops being so popular, one can just sit in their favorite chair or at a corner cafe and look at a website or news article online just as easily as a magazine.

Still, there's nothing like a real magazine newspaper for me.

Be Inspired. -Karol :0)


So blessed! said...

How sad... I am like you, I love looking through a good magazine at my leisure. But things are changing so much these days, nothing is the same anymore. :-(

SoBella Creations said...

I was sad to see Mary Engelbreits Home Companion cease publication.

^..^ Corgi Dog Mama ^..^ said...

Dadburnit!! I love all those magazines too! Are the online sites causing their demise? Where will we go for inspiration now?
We'll come here, because you always find it somewhere!!

Becki said...

Wow, I am definitely going to have to look into this because I subscribe to one of the magazines you mentioned, Country Home. I also enjoyed reading Mary Engelbreit and will miss this magazine as well.

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