Monday, February 2, 2009

A New Project

I have a new project I am going to begin working on this week. A little kitchen hutch I had in storage that I did not want to part with. It will work perfect at the edge of my kitchen to keep my cookbooks in the top and use the bottom as a buffet area when needed. I will keep linens in the drawer and some counter top appliances in the bottom area until needed.

A while back I shared about another hutch I replaced the broken glass in the doors with chicken wire. Don't worry, I did not replace that hutch with this one! I moved that hutch to the corner of my open living/dining/kitchen area.

Now I am trying to decide on a color for the kitchen hutch. I am renting so I can't change the color of my kitchen (unfortunately). We'll just ignore that color. I try so hard to.

Whatever color I paint this hutch, I am going to distress it and give it a nice antique wash and change out the hardware with something more vintage. I will share some pics and how-to's.

Now, if I can just decide on a color.....

Love this green.
White works with everything.
I love this buttery yellow.

I also like this green/blue color.

And, red. I love red. I just cannot live without red in my decor. I also like the hardware on this cabinet.

I need help. I would love your opinion!

Be Inspired. -Karol :0)


julie & joe said...

I think the buttery yellow would like nice with your wall color.

Kasey Hunt said...

I love the buttery yellow!!! 2nd choice is the green. The yellow makes me think of happy things.

marty39 said...

All of your choices are just wonderful. Which one makes you happy to look at, and what color are all the accessories in the kitchen? Just pick your favorite color and go for it. It's only paint and can always be redone. It's a great hutch and will make a great addition to the kitchen. Hugs, Marty

^..^ Corgi Dog Mama ^..^ said...

I will be no help to you at all!
I would have chosen exactly all the colors that you did. Love 'em all.
Choices, choices!!! The buttery yellow is divine, the green is so Martha, and you can't go wrong with the white. The red is bold, but would make such a statement!!

qhunt said...

you ladies and your hutches. thanks for taking a look at my blog. have a great day.

So blessed! said...

buttery yellow!

Peggy said...

What color is your table/chairs? If you're planning on keeping it together. If you can't decide . . . you could ship it to Kansas . . . I have a perfect spot for it! :o)

Whatever color you decide, I'm sure it'll be beautiful! You have a creative knack for that!

I don't envy the work ahead of you! Be sure to post pictures!

Becki said...

I love the white. It's a beautiful piece of furniture so you should be successful in whichever colour you eventually choose. Looking forward to the finished product! Becki

SoBella Creations said...

I can't wait to see the transformation! I love the white, red or the green color.

LillySue said...

Hey there-
I just found your blog....I L*O*V*E it!! I have an old hutch, I painted it RED. It looks wonderful against so many wall colors and would look great with your kitchen color. The main fun thing is all my vintage kitchen items in/on the hutch look wonderful against the red. Please let us know what color you choose!
I am just getting started in the blog world and would love to have you come for a visit!
Blessings- LillySue

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