Monday, December 8, 2008

Making a Table Centerpiece

Did you find some free pine branches? You could also make a nice table centerpiece, as I did above (click on picture for larger view). Same steps as wreaths, but use a smaller wreath form. You can make your centerpiece round or long, as I did. Then add a candle sconce in the center and a bow, if you wish.

Be Inspired! -Karol :0)


Corgidogmama~ said...

I love going to the back field behind our local high school each year to get pine boughs. The corgis get a little run as I fill up the trunk of the car!
Very pretty table top you've made. Is it hard to get into the Christmas spirit while living in Florida?

Sadie said...

love your wreath how to. You make it look nice and easy. :O) I have tons of holly in my front garden, but of course with humbug being so small I can't risk using it.

love the centrepiece too.

I have that copy of ME, I'll have to read it. I still haven't read it and it's been kicking around for a while now!

have a lovely day. oh, and I've sent out my overseas christmas cards today, but sadly I couldn't send one to you. Why? Hmm. Despite asking and asking, I still don't have your new address! Argghhh!

Anyway, never mind. Maybe one day you'll let me know! ;o) xxxxx

Lynn said...

Noooo... sigh.. I went around to various places but saw NO pine limb refuse from the Christmas trees. I still haven't found any berries either. BLAH!!! I had to buy a stupid wreath from Michael's (at least they were half price so 15 instead of 30!) I don't like it.! : / It doesn't show good from the street.. too much green and the door is green so it sort of blends in. UGH. I think your wreaths are SO PRETTY and I bet the smell is so nice as you enter the house. SIGH.

Love the candle centerpiece too!
Miss ya kiddo!

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