Thursday, December 4, 2008

How to make a fresh wreath for $2.50 each

Today I made two fresh frazier fur and berry wreaths for my front doors. I love making these wreaths. It smells so good and they look gorgeous, too. Below I will show you how to make them and virtually for free!

First, you will need a wreath form and some green floral wire. Both can be purchased at any craft store such as Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc. Most wreath forms are around $2.00. I used 18" wreath forms. Which means you should end up with 24" wreaths.

Next, you will need pine branches. Just visit your local grocery store or home center where they are selling fresh Christmas trees. Some places use the cuttings to make their own wreaths and sell them, so your best bet really is a grocery store. My local Publix grocery store actually keeps all the cuttings in a box just for people like me who want to make a wreath. How nice! Be sure to get plenty so you will have a nice full, lush wreath. Take a black plastic bag to put them in. You don't want pine sap in your trunk or carpet.

If you are lucky enough to have some of these berry trees around, gather a big bunch of these beautiful berry branches. Unfortunately I don't have any of these trees in my own yard so I drove around and found some. They weren't "technically" in someones yard, just on the side of the road at the ditch. ;-)

See, I only took enough for my two wreaths. That's it.

Snip and gather a small bunch of pine branch tips as above. Start wrapping the floral wire just at the end of the branches. Next add a bunch of berries (if using berries) and wire them in place.

Keep going around adding pine branch tips and berries. Don't be stingy, use full bunches. Remember, they were free!

Almost there!....

Ok, all done. Isn't it pretty? This is the time to look at it. See if it needs a bit more green "here" or another bunch of berries "there".

Last, it's time to hang your wreath. I like to hang my wreaths with a nice wide ribbon. I saw this idea recently on the Nesting Place blog. I was so excited to see that I was actually doing something that Nester does. I l-o-v-e how she does things. Use a nice wide ribbon. I cut my ribbons 2 1/2' long. Tack them to the very top of the door using a heavy upholstery tack. These wreaths are heavy.

I made the first wreath just after lunch. Then I had to pick up my kids at school and by the time we got back home it had been storming. So I had to make the next one on my wet porch. Taking the picture of the two wreaths together did not turn out like I wanted, but you get the idea. Also, my front steps are not centered with the front doors (don't blame me, I did not design this house) so it is not easy to take a picture of the front doors without some kind of angle to it.

If you make one of these wreaths, please comment or email me and let me know. I would love to hear all about it.

Be Inspired! -Karol :0)


Brenda said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love your Christmas Tree showing through the center of the wreath! I love wreaths!

Kasey said...

Great job!!! It looks good.

Lynn said...

ooooooooooooh.. this is pretty!!! Man.. I haven't seen these branches around here.. nor have I spotted any of these berries. I have been looking for the berries, but not the branches. Hmmm... gonna take a little ride around town tomorrow and see if I can turn some up. : /

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Hi Karol~This was my job in high school at the local flower shop, making wreaths. I remember using Skin so Soft to get the pine tar off. Each year, as an adult, I made the wreath to be put on my Dad's grave each Christmas. Love the smell of pine, but now, those latex gloves come in handy! Your home must be looking good about now. I've been working all week on ours...lots of extra work, but since it only happens once a year, it's worth all the trouble. Home, cozy, tea, books, a corgi (for me) makes me so happy!! Ahhhh life.

The Muse said...

Living in the woodland has its perks..I can find such wondrous treasures!

Loved your wreaths they turned out great!

Anonymous said...

Your wreaths are beautiful. Thanks for sharing and also pictures to show us dummies how to do it. I have never done it before but am going to give it a try. I have always wanted to.

trish said...

I love your wreaths! I tried something from my own yard clippings, but sort of stuck them all into a hanging basket on the porch. :o) Maybe I can try the wreath next year. You have such neat ideas on your blog!
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

Anonymous said...

Love your beautiful. I have been making my own wreaths for as long as I can remember. We use fresh holly from the back yard.
Add a big red velvet bow and we are set for the holidays. We also use tge fresh pine and berries from time to time, look around we can use many different trees and bushes to make wreaths all year round...Happy Holidays

deb b said...

This is beautiful. I've made this with eucalyptus leaves and sprayed it gold with floral spray paint. So. Cal doesn't have many of the berry bushes

Stephanie from said...

I made one of these this year but I used a grapevine wreath as the base. It was a fun & easy project!

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