Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What's This?....

What? A magazine I didn't know about and this is the third issue in print!?

Ok, that could happen, there's literally hundreds of magazines in print at any major bookstore. But, an organizational magazine, is something I would have noticed. Well, anyway, I have now and I love it. It's simple, it's precise, it's easy to read, it's very helpful, and it's pretty to look through.

Organize Magazine has been in print since it's premier July/August issue. I'll have to catch up on the other issues, but I just found the November/December issue this afternoon. I visited their site and read a little about them. I love their Mission Statement: "Doable organization for real people with real lives." Awesome.

Hurry and pick up a copy and "Simplify The Season" as the cover says. There's scrapbooking tips from the famous Lisa Bearnson (Creating Keepsakes). There's also great tips for "Collection Control... From packrat to occasional accumulator, real solutions for conquering your collection chaos".

What I noticed most about this magazine is that it, in itself, is simple, clean, not cluttered, and thin. Yes, it's got adverts, but not too much.

Be Organized, it makes inspiration easier to achieve! -Karol :0)

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Lynn said...

COOOL! I DEFINITELY need to check this out! : /
Happy Thanksgiving to you, friend. Be safe on your journey this week.

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