Thursday, October 4, 2007

Through The Country Door

One of my favorite catalogs to get in the mail is "Through The Country Door". I subscribed to their catalog several years ago and have ordered a few items from them. I've always been pleased with the price and quality of the items I've received.

My favorite part is looking at the front cover. Each new catalog has a Country Door decorated. Very inspiring.

I also like how they offer things in several decorating styles in their catalog; country, cottage, french country, rustic, classic country, farmhouse, victorian, northwoods/cabin, and seasonal. ...Wow!

I'm not locked in to a certain style. I kind of mix and match styles, but I like that they have them separated and you can go right to your style(s) and browse. The same goes for their website.

I really hope you enjoy visiting their site. Don't forget to sign up for their free catalog.

Be inspired. Karol :0)

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