Thursday, April 29, 2010

Slip Covers Complete!

I took pictures as I went along on this project, but to even think of explaining how I did this is overwhelming. Let's just say I am glad they are done and I don't have 1980's mauve chairs in my living room anymore! And they are totally removable and washable.

I used inexpensive muslin to make my pattern pieces. I also made the slip covers out of Osnaburg, which is a muslin fabric, but kind of looks like a linen. Osnaburg is very inexpensive and did well when I pre-washed and dried it.

Be inspired!
Karol :)


Anonymous said...

they look GREAT! i'm in the middle of making a slipcover for my sectional.. not so easy, but hope the work pays off! [haven't sewn in years.. so it's quite the experiment! LOL]
many blessings,

Elissa said...

Hi Karol, I just stumbled on to your blog and I am LOVING it! I am so glad I discovered you...all your beautiful posts are so inspiring! And I love your slipcovers, you did a wonderful job! Have a lovely weekend!

Texas Preacher Woman said...

I'm soooooo proud for you! These are deliciously wonderful! I know your handiwork will make you grin each time you walk by them . . . enjoy!


Country Cottage said...

Beautiful result..... great job!!!!!


Country Cottage said...

Very beautiful result!!!!! great job!!!!


Laney said...

I love them! My mother and I recently slip covered a chair that my aunt gave to me, it's awesome!

Thanks for sharing, and I loved your layering post at Nester's place.

Corners of My Life said...

Welcome back. I have so missed your inspiring blog posts. Your blog and homespunliving were the first two blogs I ever visited and each is so creative, comforting, instructional and charming. To this day they are still two of my favorites. The chairs turned out great.

Robin said...

Great job. They look awsome.

I just finished a sofa slipcover a couple weeks ago and I share your releif that it's finally over and now you can enjoy them!

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