Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Organizing

When I am nervous, I clean and organize. I do. I would see someone about this nervous habit of mine, but since the results are productive and since cleaning and organizing makes me feel better, it's a good thing. I am sure Martha would agree with that statement.

I was going through some things and found these wooden organizing trays I had and decided to put them to use in my utensil drawer. They work so well in this drawer for the smaller things that seem to get lost.

Ahhhhhh, I love it when everything is in order and where it should be. I am not always consistent with putting things back where they go so every once in a while I have to get things back in order.

This morning I received an email from "My Home Ideas". They have a great article on organizing. "8 Affordable Ways to Tidy Up". They offer some great tips on clearing clutter and organizing from the junk drawer (their photo above) to your kid's school papers.

Whether organizing is a habit, an obsession, or you have to force yourself to do it, it really is a good thing.

Be Inspired! -Karol :0)


Kasey Hunt said...

I need to be better at this!!

Stacey said...

I love things organized too. Truthfully though, some of my cabinets are dangerous. It's a good feeling to get drawers in that shape. :)

Small House said...

I wish I cleaned and organized when I was nervous. I'd have the cleanest most organized house ever. I eat. Hopefully you can rub off on me.
Have a good day.

So blessed! said...

Girl...I am with you. The other night I couldn't sleep, so I got up to mend a pair of slacks that I had been sitting on the washroom counter for several days. Well... I opened my sewing drawer and saw all these little packages containing one or two buttons each. before I knew it was taking the buttons out of each package and putting them in a mason jar. I filled up the jar...I HAD A LOT OF LITTLE PACKAGES! I may need meds too...LOL. But hey, my drawer is organized and the jar looks really cute full of all different colored buttons! :-)

Deck The Halls-A Happy Valentines! said...

I left you a "Crafty Friendsip Blog Award" on my blog!

Thank you for your inspiration! I enjoy your blog and love your talent!

tam said...

Well Karol that is something you and I have in common! In fact for me if things are not organized it can hamper my creative abilities! It is almost as though these things have a voice and call out for me to organized them. I think it comes from my german grandmother who raised us-she said everything has a place, once you use it you put it back where it goes. If only I could have succeeded in crating that habit with my children! Lord knows I tried!
Major spring cleaning is on my to do list here very soon. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!~Tam:D

sadie said...

It is a good thing. So, what you need to do is get on a plane and come and organize things in my house please!

When I stopped by the other day, I didn't scroll down to read your previous entry (about designers you love), but I did today. Crikey, you got a bargain with your book! I love that you like so much about the designers, including their height!

have a lovely weekend Karol xxxx

Peggy said...

I like things organized too . . . but sometimes with two rambunctious little boys, it can be rather difficult. When we're in my 'lil craft room though, funny how the boys know exactly where all my scrapbooking tools go! :o) Now, if I can only get them to do this about their toys?!

Vintagesquirrel said...

Hi Karol, I also feel the need to clean and organize when I'm nervous or worried about something. Problem is that I apparently haven't had too many worries lately. LOL I recently borrowed Peter Walsh's book, "It's All Too Much" from the library. He has really motivated me.

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Hi! I wandered over to your blog, and really have enjoyed my visit here! I use a cheap silverware drawer organizer for my junk drawer :). I am so glad that I found your blog, I am going to add it to my blog list!! Enjoy your weekend :),

Tricia Anne said...

Hi Karol,
I do the very same thing when I am nervous or anxious about something. It really is a good outlet! :o)
Thanks for the link to organizing ideas. :o)
Have a nice day.
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne
Ps. The print that you did for The Nester is simply beautiful!

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