Monday, December 22, 2008

Keeping Warm

Last week I decided to treat myself to a Christmas present and purchased a hand-knitted scarf. I have been eyeing these beautiful scarves by Davids Knits on Etsy for quite a while. The above scarf, Aqua Groovy Araucania Scarf, is the one I purchased. David purchases his yarn from the mountains of South America, specifically from a women's cooperative established to promote social and economic growth within their rural areas.

David's Etsy shop is very professional. He offers about 5 photos of each scarf so you get to see the detail. My scarf arrived quickly and beautifully packaged. I definitely recommend Davids Knits.

Lucky me, the weather has turned cold and I can enjoy for a few days anyway.

Be Inspired! -Karol :0)


Sadie said...

I'm glad the weather has turned a little chilly so you can wear your scarf. It's absolutely beautiful, by the way. Love the colours.

Have a lovely Christmas Eve Eve! xxxx

Lynn said...

Yes it has turned chilly! Right on time, huh! : ) It's a beautiful scarf! I used to go to church with a missionary family who went to work down in Peru. They brought back some really pretty sweaters and things that had been knit by the locals from el paca yarn - SOFT SOFT!!
I got your email and have been battling a bad head cold. I'm beginning to come out of it (I think)so will try to reply soon.

I hope Dawn is recovering on schedule - bless her heart.

You guys have a good Christmas. And don't worry about 'you know who' - she has NO influence in your life - NONE! : )

Love ya girl!

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