Monday, December 1, 2008

I did it!

This post has nothing to do with decorating or the holidays or my home, but it does have to do with inspiration. I ran in my first 1/2 marathon yesterday. 13.1 miles. I have never been a runner, but always wanted to. Last year a friend inspired and encouraged me to start running. I began training at the end of December, 2007.

I am completely exhausted, but it was SO worth it. My kids were there at the finish line to take my picture and cheer me on.

Want to see something funny? This is me at 5:45am before the race began....

This is me several hours later just before crossing the finish line. My son remembered to watch for me and take my picture. I did not even see him. So, this picture really shows how I was feeling at mile 13....

If you are a runner and you want to know my results, they are:

83 911 1023 Karol Harrison 39 Santa Rosa Beach FL 2:54:06 13:18

I wish I had made better time, but I never would have thought a year ago that I would be running in a 1/2 marathon and actually cross the finish line. I'll work on my speed later.

Be Inspired! -Karol :0)


Cathy said...

Good for you! I would love to be a runner, but never thought I could. You inspire!

Peggy said...

Okay, so your blog today may not be about decorating, the holidays, or your home this time . . . but it just goes to show you that YOU can be our inspiration! ;o)

Congratulations Karol! What an achievement!

Kasey Hunt said...

I'm so proud of you. Way to go. At least you can say that you looked really cute if you were disappointed with the time!!!

Stacey said...

Way to go!! I am extremely impressed truly. Walking briskly is my speed.

The Butterfly Catcher said...

Wow! I am definitely inspired. . .not to run a marathon, mind you. . .but to conquer some other task or milestone that I can add to my life agenda! Thanks for being the inspiration!

The Nester said...

YOU go Girl!

I want to be you and look all cute and professional runnerie in those shorts!

You rock!

Sadie said...

congratulations! You must be so proud of yourself, and you have every right to be so. I could NEVER run a marathon, so I am very impressed. I know how much it meant to you to do this, and I am incredibly proud of you.


Corgidogmama~ said...

You should be so proud of yourself to accomplish something such as this!
Wow!! Now, you can face most anything, and know that you can whip that too!

~Pam~ said...

Congratulations! What you did really is inspiring. I have never been a runner, just a fast walker. ;)

Hope your week is off to a great start.

AwtemNymf said...

*cheers & Rooting for you*
Congratulations Karol!
That's the look of determination, Pride, and Devotion! You did it!
I'm so proud and happy for you! Woohoo! You look great!

Deck The Halls said...

Congratulations! Way to go! We all need your kind of inspiration!

The Muse said...

CONGRATS (from an old USVet who still runs today)!

Here is a lovely Christmas prose...
"The Unexpected Gift"
I hope it helps you treasure your family this season...
(it is my latest work)

Thank you and many blessings...I really am happy to have found your blog :)

Lynn said...

EVERYTHING that EVERYBODY above, said!!!! LOL!!


I can run too!!! (about 3 houses down the street before my tongue is hanging!)LOL! And doggone it, I am not near as cute when I do it!

I'm missing you friend! Wish we could get some starbucks together, today. I could really go for some hobby lobby while we're at it too! DOUBLE SIGH.


Monica of Ivy's Porch said...

Yay!!! Go you! Gosh, I am happy to complete a 10k. I'd love to have a half marathon under my belt. Love your blog.

CountryCottage said...

Congratulations!! you did it !!!


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