Monday, November 10, 2008

Some Holiday Inspiration

One of my favorite things beginning in November is hearing Christmas music playing in the stores. I found myself thinking the other day "wow, they are playing Christmas music already?" and then I realized it IS November. I don't mind hearing Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving and Christmas to me are two separate holidays, but are just part of the "Holidays". The entire end of the year is my favorite time of year.

I love to listen to Christmas music this time of year when I am cleaning, working on handmade gifts for others, and baking. It's inspiring to me and brings back great memories of holidays past.

So, if you are like me and like to listen to holiday music I wanted to share a free online music site. It is You can listen for free whenever you want. I love listening to Christmas music on Accuradio because they have a huge variety of music to choose from. If you like the classic Christmas sounds of Bing Crosby, Ray Charles, Mel Tormé, Dean Martin, Tony Bennet, The Carpenters, Nat King Cole, etc. (my faves), then you'll love Accuradio's Holiday Music. If you like jazz they have the awesome oldies such as Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, and they have the magnificent contemporary jazz artists such as Chris Botti (my favorite!), Gerald Albright, Rick Braun, Norman Brown, etc. You can choose holiday music and then choose from over 30 subcategories for your favorite Holiday music such as: old-fashioned(love this one), standards, jazz(love this one) celtic, country, rock, pop, new releases, etc. You'll love it!

One last thing. In my inbox this morning I had the Cookie of the Day from Martha Stewart. Iced Oatmeal Applesauce Cookies. They look delicious! Click Here to go right to the MS website and recipe for these cookies.

Now, go light some yummy smelling candles, put on some nice holiday music from accuradio or your own holiday cd collection, start baking cookies, and get yourself in the mood for the holidays.
Be Inspired! ~Karol :0)


Kasey Hunt said...

I'll have to check out that link for the music. I love holiday music.

Lynn said...

No No No... It CAN'T be THAT time of year yet. It seems to come every 6 months nowadays and my empty pockets cause me to CRINGE at the thought of it. :( Sigh.

Maybe I WILL light that yummy smelling candle though.. : )

Be good! Have a good one! Let not your heart be troubled (even if the world is falling apart!)


Stacey said...

I'm with you...all it takes for me is the right music, candles, and Diet Coke or coffee. I can take on the world or simply enjoy the holiday season.

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