Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Country Home Magazine

Country Home magazine is probably my favorite magazine. I love the inspiring photographs and stories on Country Homes. I wanted to invite you to visit their website. They have a lot of great stuff on their site. I suggest clicking on the Photo Gallery (left hand side of main web page). Anyone can share photos. They are categorized by things people find, things people make, country kitchen photos, country home photos, country pets, etc. Lots of great submitted photographs. They also have a lot of contests and promotions you can enter to win. Visit Country Home's website for some great decorating inspiration.
Be Inspired. ~Karol :0)


Kasey Hunt said...

I signed up for a subscription about a 3 weeks ago and I'm still waiting to get the magazine in the mail. I too love their magazine.

Cathy said...


I flew on over from the Nester earlier and added you to "favorites" since I was in a hurry. I just smiled as I was going through your blog ("hmmm, that looks familiar...")because I've flown over here several times before! Love your photos, style, and ideas.

ROXY said...

I also love Country Home Magazine and didn't know about their website! I will have to check that one out!! Thanks for the tip!

Sadie said...

loved the piccies from your home. I love your style! I like the double duty way too, I'm all for hiding mess! ;o)

have a lovely weekend xxxx

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