Thursday, August 21, 2008

Testing Eggs for Freshness

Do you know how to tell if eggs are fresh? I have always just looked on the side of the carton for the date, but I have often wondered if they were really fresh.

I follow the South Beach Diet maintenance plan and even my kids follow the healthy choices and guidelines I am teaching them. We eat a lot of eggs. I also get an email from the South Beach Diet website with helpful tips on eating, food choices, recipes, etc. Today's tip was on testing eggs for freshness. I did not know this and wanted to pass it along to you.

Place an egg at the bottom of a glass full of water and watch what happens:

  • If the egg lies at the bottom on its side, it's fresh.
  • If the egg sinks, but with one end up, it's getting old but is still edible.
  • If the egg floats at all, you should buy some fresh ones.
This test is effective because eggshells are porous — over time they dry out, letting air in and moisture out. If you prefer using egg whites, then save some time and money by buying eggs in bulk and separating them right away. Egg whites freeze very well and can even be kept for up to three or four days, covered, in the refrigerator.
Now go, run to your refrigerator and check those eggs!

Be Inspired. -Karol :0)


Lynn said...

Ha ha!! I heard this many years ago... and do you know I have nver tested it out!? : /

I got your email and have meant to reply but things have just been so chaotic around here. I agreed with what you said though, and had already begun implementing the "tough love" - but we are deep in this.. and I am worried about going under. I pray not... but am afraid.

Fay has caused a mess of trouble here in Dothan - what is the situation in Seagrove Beach? I can't believe I came through CAT 4 hurricanes the likes of Katrina and Ivan, relatively unscathed, and yet this tropical storm Fay has made such a mess for us. : /

I hope you guys are well and that things are going well there. Talk to you soon.
Love ya -

Sadie said...

thanks for the advice on eggs! I shall make a note of it. :o)

hope you are having a lovely weekend. xxxxx

preppy little dress said...

thanks, i have heard about it before but thanks for posting! especially for those who may have forgotten - like myself! ha! ha!

Hey Rachie Kae said...

1st- Do you really keep your eggs in a bowl? That is precious!

2nd- I never knew this about eggs! That helps me so much, I tend to set the last couple eggs out of the carton in my door and never seem to recall how old they are when I go to use them.


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