Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Decorating At The Beach

Now that I am settling in my home I have decorated the front porch for Spring. Just as I shared in my previous post Country Meets the Beach, I am trying to use my country decor pieces while adding a coastal touch.

I made this wreath this morning. I began with a wispy willow wreath from Michael's, a spring bouquet of light flowers, 5 finger starfish from Katheleen's Kottage, and a pretty bird's nest. I didn't wire or glue anything. I just tucked everything into the wispy branches of the wreath. Whenever possible, I like to do that so I can change out items when I would like.

Now that I have officially moved I am now able to use some of my benches to decorate my front porch. To the left of my front door is my favorite teak wood bench. I have added a red star above the bench. I love touches of red here and there. Red is a cozy color to me. I was afraid red would not work with the coastal look I am trying to incorporate, but I have found red looks great and is a wonderful contrast with the muted coastal colors of my home's exterior and interior paint colors.

Then to the right of my front door I have added my weathered antique deacon's bench. This bench will be used for my seasonal decor displays.

My first floor porch area is an "L" shape and wraps around the right side of the home. Around the corner I have placed two wicker chairs and an antique red table for a quiet, comfy retreat.

Last, I decided not to use the "To The Beach" sign I shared about in my Country Meets The Beach post. I wanted something larger and also with some red. I painted my own sign on a piece of scrap wood in the style and colors I wanted. Below is a picture of the result.

Be Inspired! -Karol


Anonymous said...

Oh My Karol-
everything looks fabU!!! I just love the sign you made too! And that wispy willow wreath.. I just LOVE!! *winks*
I just love your knack for decorating and your creativity!!! You rock girl!!

Connie said...

I love your sign you painted. I'm enjoying the trip throughout tonight. Your blog is very nice.

Katy said...

I love it all!!! Everything looks fantastic and the sign you painted looks GREAT!!!! :)

Darlene said...

Wow your benches on the porch look fabulous!! Love, love, love the cottage look. And the sign....just WOW.

Eilandkind said...

I am enjoying your blog very much, you inspired me to make little May baskets for my friends next year!
I think your painted sign is much nicer than the other one.

I'ts Cosmic Rock... said...

I just adore the sea! Thank God I live just around the corner from it!! I simply ador your wreath with the lovely white seashells and the soft aquacolour of the woodwork of your house!'ve inspired me!!

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