Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Sparkbook

I have completed my Sparkbook! Did you make one? Were you inspired to make one anyway?

Before I tackle my front entryway/porch project I decided to make my Sparkbook so I could collect all my ideas and inspirations in it.

I purchased a nice sketch book in plain black. I really liked the black and white polka dot one that HOME Made Simple had, but I decided on a plain one that I could embellish myself. I also decided to use paper tabs instead of fabric swatches since I don't have any fabric here to use.

I opted for Martha Stewart's pretty paper tented place cards. They were perfect in size and they had a blank spot for the label. Because they are cardstock and folded, they make extra sturdy tabs.

I then added some scrapbook paper embellishments and "Karol's Sparkbook" as the title along with "2008". Just incase I decide to make one next year.

Be Inspired, make a Sparkbook! -Karol


Sister Honey Bunch said...

I am not an inspired person. But I want to be. Will you share what you put on your tabs?

n. said...

That's a great book. I have the supplies, but was dragging my feet when it came to the tabs... those MS worked bee-utifully!

Thanks for sharing!

Lynn said...

Hey buddy!

I have sure been missing you! I'm worn down to a frazzle - still driving back and forth every day, trying to get that house cleaned out and cleaned up. Our time is about up so we have to wrap it up in the next 48 hours. Sigh.. no rest for the weary.

I've really missed the opportunity to get together. Feeling sad over it.

I hope all is well with you. As soon as we can get this PC house BEHIND us... I'll give you a call and maybe we can get together before too long.

I'm enjoying my goodies you sent with me.. the garland swag matches the border in the kitchen BEAUTIFULLY! I'm so glad you gave that to me! It looks good in there! Some of the other items are on display on my little old country hutch. It looks nice! You'll have to come see me before too long!

Love and hugs,

yellowfarmhouse said...

OK this is a great idea and perfect timing for me. We are building a new house later this summer and I need a way to keep all my ideas together. I'm so going to make one of these.

Can I ask how you attached your tabs within the book. Did you just attach them to the paper or are there dividers within the book.

I've spent sometime reading your past posts and I love how you decorate.

Thanks - Karen

Karol said...

I am leaving a comment for those that have commented or emailed me about my Sparkbook. As I shared, I used the tent folded cards for tabs. They are already folded in half and had the nice blank spot for labeling. The sketchbook I used does not have dividers. I just split the pages up fairly even and added a tab to a certain page. I attached the tabs using my scrapbooking sticky photo squares, but you can use a glue stick or even staple them. Whatever you have. You can also use regular paper for the tabs. Just fold it a few times to make the tabs a little more durable. I hate it when I can't respond by email to questions, but I hope everyone reads this if they need help.

Oh, and if you happen to make a sparkbook, send me a picture! I'd love to share it on here.

Karol :0)

Tonja said...

Hi Karol,
I happened upon your blog by accident, but stayed for a while to visit. I live about 100 miles north of you in Dothan, AL. We rent a house in Rosemary Beach every summer for a week. I love that 30-A drive.
I read through some of your archives, and found we have a few things in common. I love The Olde Green Cupboard. My friends and I happened upon it several years ago, and we fell in love. We all love the primitive look.and they do such a wonderful job with displays.
I also happened upon the ORGANIZE, of all places, Office Depot! I was also captivated. I love the look and feel of it. It has a cleanness about it, doesn't it? I have been trying to let some of my other magazines run out...I have tooooo many. But this is one I may have to subscribe to, anyway.
My husband and I are building a home soon in a European country style. So, I think my love for primitives will fit in well. Loved the idea of the words on your wall. That is a great tip! I love the written word, so that may fit in just perfectly.
It has been nice to chat with you. I invite you to visit me at Gatherings.

Michelle said...

Hi Karol, I recently found your blog and I'm so glad I did! Love your book - beautiful job! I'll definitely visit you again :)

Blessings :)
(Treasure the Moment blog)

Mandy said...

I just made a sparkbook for each of my three kids. I will send you a picture so you can share. I am also going to blog about it and I will, of course, be linking to you! Thanks for the idea!

Karol said...


Thanks so much for sharing that with me. Yes, please let me know when you post about the sparkbooks. That is awesome! ~Karol :0)

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