Monday, December 31, 2007

Starting My New Year

Today my kids and I (and one of their friends) went for the last bike ride of 2007.

Of course I took along my camera and drove them all crazy by stopping every 10 ft and taking a picture of something.

We road a few miles down the 30A bike trail that runs right along the Gulf Coast. We stopped at three different places and rode their boardwalks out to the beach. Each place has a different boardwalk even though they all lead to the Gulf of Mexico. It seems each place has a little bit of a different view.

This picture of the shells I took as we were at one of our stops. The kids were running and playing in the sand and surf. I was enjoying the beautiful weather, the sunshine, and the sound of the crashing waves. I looked around and saw these shells and decided to take some close-ups. This is the result.

I believe if you click on it you'll get a much larger view.

I look forward to this new year and taking things slower. Enjoying life and embracing new adventures. I started my running/training program Sunday. -Very exciting.

And, just to add a little decorating inspiration to my post, the new Cottage Living magazine has hit the stands.

Lots of kitchen stuff to check out and most excitingly, there's a section on California's Carmel storybook cottages! The story includes history behind these adorable abodes by architect Hugh Comstock.

You can also see a gorgeous collection of these same storybook cottages that my friend, Darylnn, has created. I've shared before on here, but it is worth many mentions! GO TAKE A LOOK. You may have to choose "Carmel Cottages" from her list on the left of the page. Go! It's worth it.

Be Inspired! -Karol


The Nester said...

Aren't you just the prettiest thing!

sadie said...

I can't believe I didn't stop by and wish you a Happy Christmas. I am ashamed.

Anyway, Happy New Year. :O) Hope you have a very happy and healthy 2008.
love your photo on the beach (you, and the shells!)
lots of love xxxx

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