Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Scrapbook Pages

Out of no other necessity than I have a lot on my mind right now and not feeling very "inspiring" I am going to share a few of the scrapbook pages I have completed in the last few days.

First is another one for my little niece, Danica. It's really a picture of my brother, Robert, at his 33rd birthday party this year in May, but Danica is the star of the show now so this page is for her. She was so mesmerized by the cake she didn't even pay attention to all of us singing Happy Birthday to Robert. I'm not sure if she was wanting the candles, the cherries, or all that chocolate. The cake was really good, too. This page is very, very simple. Not much to add to it, the picture explains it all. There's plenty of room for Robert or Stephanie to add their own journaling to the page.

Next is Ian in his overalls. This is one of the photos I edited in Paint Shop Pro leaving only the blue of his overalls showing. And, once again, plenty of room for mom or dad to add some personal journaling to the page. I wish I could get my camera set right to take pictures of my scrapbook pages.

And just to make my entry look bigger, I'll throw in a page I did a while back for my nieces. It's a great picture of Madilyn & Mallory in a cute pose with their heads together. I left the photo alone, only adding things over top of it. I never use original photos, I always scan in and reprint. I keep originals in a safe place.

Be Inspired. -Karol

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dlyn said...

I found you through PW's site - what a nice blog you have! I will be back to check it out some more, when I have more time. My daughter is getting interested in scrapbooking, so I will steer her over here. blessings!

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