Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Great Gift Wrap Idea

I wanted to point everyone to the HOME Made Simple website today.

Not just for another reminder of how helpful and useful their website is, but also because they have some great Holiday ideas right now. Ideas for Organization, Decorating, Baking, Gift Giving, and more.
I especially like the vintage aprons that have made a come back in recent years. I don't own one, but have pondered getting a pattern and some cute kitschy fabric and making one. I know if I had an apron, I'd use it.
As I received my monthly email from HOME Made Simple this morning I found this cute idea in their gift giving section of the site for wrapping a Christmas gift. The gift in particular that they have wrapped is a hand blender, but you could wrap just about anything in an apron. I love how they have the bow tied around using the ties of the apron. Very clever. It looks like they even have a surprise tucked in the apron pocket, too.
You can CLICK HERE or on the picture and visit HOME Made Simple's website for lots of great, simple inspiration.

Be Inspired! -Karol :0)

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