Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Decorating

I love decorating for Christmas. The other day as I was putting up the tree and decorating, I took this picture of my Patriotic Santa. Why is he riding on a sheep? I don't know. I just thought he was neat looking so I got him. Plus he was on clearance 2 years ago at my favorite store in Jacksonville, The Olde Green Cupboard. I miss that store. One stroll through there and I ran home and decorated something! Very inspiring store. Click on their name and visit their website. They have some really pretty pictures of the displays and decor in their store. They are also a quilt shop.

I love decorating the Christmas tree. Each one of my ornaments brings back memories. Some are new, I usually add a few new ones each year, but some are old.

I have some cute little felt stockings with goodies stuffed inside that my friend Sadie in England made me. She also made me an adorable praying angel with a clothespin body. She's embellished with gold trim and brown embroidery floss hair.

I made this oval glass ornament which has a poem behind the glass in memory of my mom who passed away many years ago. The poem is titled "Merry Christmas from Heaven" -by John William Monney, Jr.. Here's a link to the story behind the poem and the words:

I have a little Santa moon face ornament dated 1992 from a very sweet friend, Melinda. I love hanging that one and remembering our friendship and realizing how blessed I am to have her as my friend all these years. We don't get to talk often. She and her husband are busy with 4 kids and preparing for the Mission Field with JAARS. But she'll always be my friend.

Then there's these wooden puzzle ornaments my mom made long ago. She cut them out with her scroll saw, painted and drilled a hole down the top center to string them together as an ornament. The string can be removed and taken apart as a puzzle.

There are some that I handmade when I used to make dolls and crafts. I'll share pictures of one of the many gingerbread men tucked in the branches and Joseph & Mary with baby Jesus.

Thanks for looking at my tree with me today.

Be Inspired! -Karol


Lynn said...

Ooooh, I LIKE your tree! It has an old world sort of look about it - vintage! I LIKE it!! Can you believe we don't even have ours up yet?? SIGH. Typical December funk! Hopefully we can get it up this weekend. Katelyn is really the only one who's clamoring for it. It seems like so much work for so little appreciation. I guess the others like it too - just don't say so.

Oh well...
Need to come see you next week. I have to drive over for my car payment so we'll have to get together toward the end of the week. If you come to town before that, let me know - I'll meet you somewhere!
Be good!
See ya soon!

Anonymous said...

I have that snowman puzzle ornament! love it :) My mom started a tradition when we were born of buying a new ornament every year, and she would be 4 of the same one so that we each had one. Then, when we moved out, we each got a box with all of our ornaments so now my parents tree and my siblings trees and my tree all look the same and remind us of home :)

The Nester said...

Thanks for sharing your tree it's lovely! I, too am missing some favorite stores in my old town. It takes so long to find just the right shops that speak to you. And I think the patriotic santa riding a sheep is great!

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