Monday, November 12, 2007

YOUR "Home Sweet Home"

Thank you to Catherine for sharing her "Home Sweet Home" photo. This is her salon, which here in the USA we call our living room. Catherine lives in France. Isn't this room beautiful!? She says she likes the colors gold and red as her color scheme. She's done a beautiful job combining the two together to create this cozy, inviting space. I love the fireplace, too, don't you?

I've requested Catherine to share a photo of her kitchen which she had sent me a while back. That prompted me to have a Flick'r box with photos from visitors to my blog. Only thing is, Catherine's the only one to reply so far! If she gives permission to share her gorgeous kitchen photo and resend to me, I'll then create the Flick'r box and hope that some more folks will share, too.

Does anyone else have a cozy photo to share? Just email me your photo(s) and what you would like for the caption. Please specify info you'd like to shared with photo, such as your name, location, and/or blog address.

I'll share some more of Catherine's photos when I get the Flick'r box completed and added to my blog.

Be Inspired! -Karol :0)

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