Friday, November 2, 2007

More Cottage Stuff

If you haven't subscribed to Cottage Living, the new November issue is available in stores now! You can also check out their website for bonus web things and CLICK HERE for an awesome slideshow of Cottage Living's favorite Cottage Fireplaces! Wow.

There's also a great article online about a cottage kitchen makeover. It's gorgeous!

Speaking of cottages, my friend Darylynn left me a comment a few posts ago after I shared about the 500 Cottage book. She lives in California and has her own slideshow of Carmel Cottages she created. You HAVE to check it out. Just click HERE. It's amazing!

I hope this post gives you some more cozy cottage inspiration!

Soon I will be adding something new to my blog. It will involve sharing photos of YOUR home and what makes it Home Sweet Home to you. I'll share more in my next post, and thanks to Catherine in France (again) for her inspiration for this idea.

I will be out of town, well actually I'm going home to my home that I often share about. I will try to post this weekend, if possible.

Be Inspired! -Karol :0)


Lynn said...

I think your owls turned out CUTE CUTE!! And how cool is that, almost all the kids ATE them!? Wow! They usually lick the sugar off the top and then toss them in the trash! : ) You guys have a good weekend in Jax - we have a softball tourney at Frank Brown over on the beach so we'll be doing that - supposed to be a beautiful weekend weather-wise!
Maybe I'll see you one day next week for a frappe and a visit! : )


Darylynn said...

Hi Karol! Glad you enjoyed the Carmel cottages. One of my favorite places to visit. The whole village is so charming with beautiful flowers everywhere and if a tree is in the way, you just build around it. Doesn't hurt that it's right on the ocean with beautiful white sand beaches. If you've never visited, I hope you'll get to someday! Have a great weekend! (((Hugz)))

Cathy said...

It 'll be nice to share with others photos of their homes !!

Do you know Karol? I went many time on Darylynn's website. It's a nice site too !!!

Catherine - France

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