Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Country Home Magazine

One of my absolute favorite magazines is Country Home. The mere glimpse of the cover draws me in! The covers of each issue are worth displaying! I have posted to the left a picture from their website from the crafting section of their new issue. It's "Apples to Apples", ...celebrating autumn's splendor at the orchard. They include 7 seasonal projects for decorating outside (or inside). A wreath, table centerpiece, place cards, bowl arrangement, votive holders, garland, and mini arrangement, --all using fresh apples. Can you just imagine how good that would smell to have all of that made and displayed for an autumn lunch or dinner outside?!

Beware! This is an addictive magazine. They do share so much of their current issues on their website, although having a copy in your hand is easier to look through and through.

Please visit their site, you can post your own country home photos and so much more. Very inspiring magazine and website. Enjoy!

And one more thing. As much as I love this magazine, I have inadvertently purchased more than one copy of the same issue because last year they had "Collector's Covers". I'm sure they made some extra dough on us decorating magazine addicts! As beautiful as the covers were, I was disappointed to have done it twice.

Be Inspired. Karol :0)

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