Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cook's Illustrated

Since I've just shared a recipe I'll next share a fantastic Cooking Magazine. -Cooks Illustrated. The covers alone are worth framing. In fact, you can buy posters of their cover art right on their site. The cover is what caught my eye one day in the grocery store as I scanned the magazine section to see what looked interesting.

The recipes in Cook's Illustrated are not quick and easy. They are more in depth, but so worth it. I love this magazine because each issue teaches you about essential equipment they have tested in their test kitchen and highly recommend. They teach you cooking techniques. For example in this October, 2007 edition I have, they have a section titled "The Best Way to Cook Vegetables". I also like that each edition has a section called "Equipment Corner" where they will test toaster ovens to apple corers. They'll list several brands they tested, the cost of each, and how each rated and why. In fact, in this edition they have tested cast-iron skillets. They tested 8 types and brands. Very detailed tests of each and everything you'd want to know when shopping for a cast-iron skillet!

I also like that with each recipe they have facts about the foods in the recipe and proper ways to prepare certain ingredients in the recipe. I've learned so much from Cook's Illustrated. This October edition has a section on Perfecting Pear Crisp. Not only do they have an awesome recipe, they have info about a video on their website to make it, they have step by step illustrated instructions on preparing pears for the crisp, info on three different types of pears that they used in this recipe and how each one compared (talk about in depth!), and also how to get the crisp topping just right.

You can visit their website here, where there's a plethora of information, videos, recipes, and more. I really hope this inspires you to try new recipes and even if it looks difficult, give it a try! There might be a little gourmet in you and you didn't even know it!

Be Inspired! Karol :0)

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Judy said...

Karol, I decided to go ahead & leave a comment. I do so love your blog! It's very inspiring to those of us who consider our homes our havens. Your love of homemaking shines through, & I feel 'at home' here. Wonderful job! This will definitely be one of my regular stops. Hugs!

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