Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cottage Living

Ahhhhhh, Cottage Living Magazine. One of my favorite magazines (I say this alot). I love to just sit and browse through this one. It's a feast for my eyes. So many cozy cottages from all over. So many inspiring rooms and gardens.

If you haven't seen a Cottage Living Magazine, look for one the next time you're in the store. They're available at all the major book stores as well as grocery stores, Target, and Wal Mart.

You can visit their website and find lots of ideas and inspiration. If you really like it you can purchase a subscription right on their website.

Cottage style isn't really about small cottage size, it's about that cozy feeling you get when you walk in. It's about it being personal, not generic. Cottage style can be country, victorian, modern, western, and much more. Cottage style, in my opinion, is about home-y, cozy, and comfortable.

Tomorrow I'll share a great link from their site for one of their sister sites that is filled with decorating ideas and inspiration!

Be inspired! Karol :0)


Lynn said...


I'm gonna check out this website! I guess I never really understood that concept that "cottage" can be country, victorian, etc - whatever! : ) I'm gonna check it out!

Hugs -

sadie said...

well, I have no chance of seeing that magazine, so I will have to check out the website!

I know I still owe you an email, and will try to get round to it this week. :O)

Oh, have been over to Martha's site though, and have duly printed off her Six Rules! Will be putting it in my home companion file.

Have you seen Martha Stewarts Living October edition? I think it's the best I've ever seen. (ok, I've only ever had my paws on less than ten in total,but even so, I still think it's brilliant. And, thought of you the other day, I still have the summer MSLiving that you sent me - August 2003 - there are some mags that I just cannot part with)


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