Sunday, September 30, 2007

Adorable Cupcake Idea!

Quick update: Here's a link for an instructional video for these cupcakes!

For my first real post, I want to share a great recipe magazine . Whooo knew owl cupcakes could look so cute?!

I just picked up this Land O Lakes Recipe Collection at the grocery store (couldn't resist). I am planning on making these for my daughter's class soon.

There's numerous cute Fall & Halloween themed kids recipes in the "Kooky Cookies & Treats" section as well as "Cranberry-Cashew Jumbles", "Glazed Cardamom Coffee Cake", "Apple Ginger Pie" from the "Harvest Baking" section -just to name a few.

Great Harvest Baking recipes. Each recipe has a photo (bonus!). You can check out many of the Land O Lakes Recipe Collections when you click on the picture and order. This particular issue is available now at stores.
More magazine reviews to come, that's a promise!
Karol :0)


Lynn said...

VERY COOL!! Yipppeee! First commenter! : ) I'm gonna enjoy this blog! Always like to see, hear, read about the things you incorporate into making home a nicer place to be!


sadie said...

fabulous! Lovely to see you with your own blog, and what a wonderful one at that.I shall stop by often!

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